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The ring and balls of Chengzhou bearings are made of refining bearing steel Gcr15(AISI 52100),the retainer are punched from brass strip(H62) or top quality cold-rolled steel strip(SPCC BQ B402) and reinforced plastics are available if necessary. The shied is made by phosphatizing steel skeleton and butyronitrile rubber with hot pressed.
The rings and balls of stainless stell bearings are made by refining stainless steel 9Cr18(AISI 440C).

The bearing tolerance is classified as Class 2,4,5,6 and 0 accordance with the Chinese national standard GB/T307-94. The table as below makes a comparison between this classification of tolerance with Chinese national standard GB307-84 as well as ISO standard.

Radial Play
He radial play of bearings is specified as five groups as follows in accordance with Chinese national standard

Shields, Seals and Lubricant
The bearings are divided into various types such as bearings,single shield or double shield(Z,ZZ) and single seal or double seals(RS,2RS). They are filled with proper quantity antirust lubricant or grease before shipment. All these bearing can be used after unpacking without cleaning. They are suitable for light to medium load, low to moderate speed are the working temperature from -20~110℃ equipment.

Vibration and Noise
The vibration and noise of bearings are classifited as Z1,Z2 and Z3. It is measured by the instrument of SO910-1. for special requirement,it is measured by BVT-1 and classified as V1,V2 and V3. The date are shown as below, customer need mark the requirement of vibration and noise class on the order.

Every 10 sets bearing are packed into plastic tube or raped by rustproof paper and paced into carton box. Single package is available,that is,each set bearing is contained into plastic bag and then packed in smallinner box. Please specify package in order.

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